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Top Breeders Club-Code Of Ethics


1. I will maintain a safe, clean facility for all adult breeding dogs and puppies for sale. And provide appropriate and necessary socialization for each dog under my care.

2. I will not engage in cross-breeding and will breed for the purpose of improving the breed. I will plan each litter of puppies for sale and I will only breed a bitch and stud dog based on their health, temperament, pedigrees and conformation.

3. I will give a Health Guarantee on every puppy I offer for sale.

4. I will only breed parents that are registered with the American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club or another registry with equivalent standards and requirements. If the puppies are not to be registered, I will inform the buyer of that fact in writing.

5. I will be highly concerned with the type of homes in which my puppies are to be placed and will therefore be careful with each sale of my puppies. And I will also refrain from releasing any puppy until it is at least seven (7) weeks old, or eight (8) weeks old if the puppy is to be shipped.

6. At time of sale, I will provide the buyer: inoculation and parasite control record, health guarantee and basic diet and care information.

7. I will do my utmost to be honest and truthful in all my financial dealings with each buyer.

8. I am not a broker, dealer, puppy mill Class A Dealers, Class B Dealers or wholesalers. I will not sell puppies to pet shops or other retailers. I will not supply dogs or puppies for raffles or auctions. I will not supply puppies or dogs to be trained or used for dog fighting

All breeders that join Top Breeders Club are required to agree to the above Code of Ethics.